The Hockey Academy operates youth hockey tournaments in different locations throughout New England.


How do I pay my balance?

All balances must be paid within 30 days of the tournament. This can be done by calling us at 1-800-800-7373 or logging into the Hockey Academy website with your username and password to pay the bill online.


Are Vermont Shootout Tournaments USA Hockey sanctioned?

All Vermont Shootout Tournaments are USA Hockey Sanctioned.  You will need to provide a verified USA Hockey or Hockey Canada Roster to compete.


When do tournament games take place?

Our first game can start as early as 10am on Friday morning.  We generally have teams play once on Friday and twice on Saturday, although that may change just based on scheduling. Tournaments typically run Friday morning through Sunday afternoon.


Are any games held outside of Manchester, VT?

All Vermont Shootout games will be played at Northshire Civic Center.


When will I get my schedule?

Schedules are usually released at least 10 days prior to the start of the tournament. They will be emailed out and posted online when available


Is there a pro shop at the rink?

There is a small pro shop inside the rink to handle basic needs such as skate sharpening, mouthguards, laces and tape.


Is there a snack bar in the rink?

There is a snack bar in the rink that offers snacks (candy, chips, etc.) along with soda, sports drinks, etc. 


Can we purchase tournament souvenirs at the rink?

Yes, we have official tournament apparel for sale including t-shirts and hoodies.


Does the rink offer public skating during tournament weekends?

The rink does offer public skating times. However, the schedule may change based on events going on at the rink. The best recommendation is to check their website for their public skating schedule here:


Is there an admission charge for the tournaments?



Can you watch the games online?

Northshire Civic Center is equipped with Live Barn. You need a Live Barn account to watch, Use our Promo Code and get 10% off! PROMO CODE 29ad-07fb


What are common things to do in Manchester, VT?

Visit our Things To Do Page for more information on activities in the area.


Who can I contact if my question wasn't answered here?

Contact The Hockey Academy at   or at 603-880-8787