The Hockey Academy operates youth hockey tournaments in different locations throughout New England.


Why does my division say "open" and not have an A, B or C level attached to it?

For some of our tournaments (usually mite's, Girls, and Summer) we leave the division open, meaning any level team can be the first to join. Once we have one team join, we tailor the division to that team's level. For example, if a Mite A team is the first to join a Mite division, then we will make it a Mite A division and take only Mite A level teams from there on out. You won't have A teams playing C teams, it's just a way for us to keep divisions more available for people! It also creates more incentive to be the first team to join (which can scare people away sometimes!)


How do I pay my balance?

All balances must be paid within 30 days of the tournament. This can be done by calling us at 1-800-800-7373 or logging into the Hockey Academy website with your username and password to pay the bill online.


Can I really walk from the rink to my hotel?

In most instances, yes.  While you have a wide range of lodging options, many lodges including the Snowy Owl Inn, Black Bear Inn, Town Square Condos, Golden Eagle, and Valley Inn are within an easy walking distance from Town Square where the rink, shops and restaurants are.


Are Waterville Valley Tournaments USA Hockey sanctioned?

All youth hockey tournaments in the Fall and Winter are USA Hockey Sanctioned.  Tournaments held in July and August are typically not USA Hockey Sanctioned.


When do tournament games take place?

In the winter months, our first game can start as early as 8:45 AM on the first tournament day morning.  Team generally play 1 to 2 game a day, although that may change just based on scheduling. Tournaments typically run Friday morning through Sunday afternoon with a few running Friday - Monday or Thursday to Sunday.


Are any games held outside of Waterville Valley?

Overflow games could be scheduled at the Plymouth State University Ice Rink, about 20 minutes from Town Square. We sometimes have to play some games at Plymouth due to the size of tournaments and ice availability but no team will ever play two games away from Waterville in the same weekend.


When will I get my schedule?

Schedules are usually released at least 10 days prior to the start of the tournament. They will be emailed out and posted online when available


Is there a pro shop at the rink?

There is a small pro shop inside the rink to handle basic needs such as skate sharpening, mouthguards, laces and tape.


Is there a snack bar in the rink?

For your convenience, we offer snacks (candy, chips, etc.) along with soda, sports drinks, etc.  For something more than a quick snack, there are plenty of options right outside the rink in Town Square.


Can we purchase tournament souvenirs at the rink?

Yes, we have official tournament apparel for sale including t-shirts and hoodies.


Does the rink offer public skating during tournament weekends?

Yes, we always leave room in our schedule to accommodate public skating.  The rink also has a full selection of rental skates. Visit for our public skating schedule.


Is there an admission charge for the tournaments?



Do tournaments participants and their families receive discounts in the Valley?

We do offer special discounts to Valley events from time to time including discounted ski tickets. We are working with the Waterville Valley staff to determine different discounts for the 21-22 season.


Can you watch the games online?

All Games being played at Waterville Ice Arena are available on Live Barn. You need a Live Barn account to watch, Use our Promo Code and get 10% off! PROMO CODE 29ad-07fb


What are the most popular Winter Activities in the Valley?

Downhill Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, Tubing, Sleigh Rides, Saturday Night Fireworks, Indoor Swimming, Skating.


What are the most popular Summer Activities in the Valley?

Mountain Biking, Hiking, Golf, Tennis, Boating, Skating, Indoor Swimming.


Who can I contact if my question wasn't answered here?

Contact The Hockey Academy at or at 603-880-8787



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